Kingdom Leadership Program

Join this community of divine wisdom.

Join our team of professionals.

Receive supernatural instruction and divine knowledge weekly.

Develop the skills to lead your own community and prosper.

Be Mentored, Guided, and Developed by Dr. Griffith Global

Members Will Receive:

  • Personal Spiritual Development  
  • Private Leadership Lessons 
  • Exclusive Mentorship Sessions 
  • Focused Prayer and Meditation Training 
  • Comprehensive Kingdom Leadership Principles 
  • Private Community of Fellowship Partners 
  • Fasting & Health Development 
  • Direct Message Access to Dr. Griffith 

Example Curriculum

  Kingdom Principles for Spiritual Leaders
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Divine Instruction Based on the Word of God

The LILOC Book will provide you with almost 1000 pages of supernatural insight, lessons learned, best practices, and tactics, techniques, and procedures.

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